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Friday, December 25, 2009

Varsity (Jacket) Blues...

I have a small obsession with Varsity Jackets and I was watching this one on eBay a couple weeks back. I wasnt going to bid on it but I wanted to see what it sold for and it ended at $280. A newer varsity jacket can retail for upwards of $500 and this bad boy is 40+ yrs old and cooler than most. The Blackhawks have had the same logo since 1964/65 but you know the old sayin; if it aint broke, dont fix it and this logo is too good to be messed with! Also check out the old Butwin tag which is classic!!!

From the Seller:
The item up for bid is a true 1960s vintage Chicago Blackhawks BUTWIN wool/leather varsity jacket...complete with the original Butwin tagging in the collar, which was the brand of choice for the Blackhawks back in the good old days. This jacket is a very heavyweight leather and wool construction, as it was intended for colder weather...I don't think of this so much as a wearable but more of a displayable, collectible item. The looks of it are simply stunning in my opinion. The bold colors, and intricate embroidery work on the cresting and tomahawks make this one grab you right away. This was reported to have come from a former Blackhawk and these are the same types players were issued. The only other jacket like this that I have ever seen offered for sale, was Pit Martin's and it sold for $850 years ago

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Bob Getty said...

Varsity Jackets are the SHIT. Check out my vintage 1992 NWT Air jordan piece its an older post somewhere in my blog.