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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

OutLINEd in CHALK...

When I got the jacket:

When I sold the jacket:

The jacket:

The title is fitting for this jacket because I just killed the Chalk Line game with this one!! I've collected vintage Chalk Line jackets for about 5 years now and this might be the best one Ive ever seen. Yesterday I tweeted that we got in the sickest vintage Chalk line jacket on the planet and I wasn't lying. The jacket features none other than the Xavier McDaniel aka the X-Man when he played for the Seattle Supersonics. When I get a rare vintage jacket like this one I usually like to admire it for a couple weeks before I sell it but I didn't have a chance to this time. Today a couple people from Seattle dropped by the store, they mentioned vintage Sonics gear so we pulled this from the back room and it was sold before he even tried it on. I was so busy weeping in the corner that I didn't get the customers name but if you're out there reading this enjoy the jacket!!! If this was when Xavier played for the Celtics I wouldve taken this jacket to the grave with me. P.S. The NBA needs to bring the Sonics back to Seattle!!!!!

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