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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pass and Smash...

I love these double sided caricature tees more than a fat kid loves cake!! Almost a year ago to the day I posted the Stockton & Malone one which is as equally as dope. This bad boy features Mark Price & Brad Daugherty, the combo that made the pick and roll look like childs play. Price was one of the leagues best shooters, pretty much lights out from the free throw line and a career 40% 3 point shooter. Daugherty was a career double double player and was the Cavs all time leading scorer until some kid named Lebron came to town. I personally think both players were underrated and actually this year Daugherty (now a ESPN NASCAR analyst) said his team in their heyday would beat the new Cavs team with Lebron and company......what I would pay to see that! Anyways I just wanted to share some pics and as always if you're interested shoot me an email, drop by the store on La Brea or check out the eBay store.

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