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Monday, June 8, 2009

Last Dance with Mary Jane...

The Weeds season 5 premiere is tonight at 10pm on Showtime and I'm pretty psyched. If you've never watched it before its a great show and if you like Dexter and Entourage like me than you'll most likely enjoy Weeds. Nancy Botwin aka Mary-Louise Parker is reason enough to watch the show IMO but the whole cast is great and my favorite character is Doug Wilson played by comedian Kevin Nealon.

[Q:] Substance
[E:] Mar-a-Mutha-Fuckn-Wana
[Q:] Common slang names
[E:] Pot, grass, dope, weed, homegrown, sinsemilla,
Maui-wowie, thai sticks, joints, roaches, indica,
concentrated rezi called hash or hashish;
[Q:] Active Ingrediant
[E:] Tetra Hydro Cannabinol... THC
[Q:] Source
[E:] Cannabis Sativa
[Q:] Form a callogic classification
[E:] CNS Depressive Hallucigent
[Q:] Medical Use
[E:] Experimental only,oh yeah we still testing...

Eazy-E "Down 2 Tha Last Roach"

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