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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Shaq & Penny...

I miss 90s basketball, the sneakers were the some of the best kicks ever released IMO. Above is an awesome candid pic of Shaq & Penny, look how young and skinny they look!! Before Penny had his signature sneakers he wore quite a few different Nike's and one of them was the Air Lambaste. The Lambaste was a low-top sneaker featuring a black base, white accents and a blue jewel swoosh. Penny also wore the Air Flight Ones, Air Ups and Air G.O. LWP before his sig shoe dropped. Shaq's signature sneaker came in the form of a Hi-top Reebok which was very much the opposite of what Penny wore. These were the Shaq Attaq Instapumps which offered an adjustable ankle support above the heel patch and ever prominent pump with the Shaq Attack logo on the tongue. Neither sneaker has been retroed and they are still sought after to this day......they pop on eBay every so often so keep your eyes peeled ;-)

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