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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Same Damn Lo Sweater...

Saw this on eBay last night....pretty unique to say the least, wonder what the real story is.

From the Seller:
"It is a fully lined, hooded shirt made of sequins and beads in the classic Ralph Lauren 1992 Stadium style. It is very similar to the cotton sweatshirt hoodie that was made during the same era, except this one has the America 3, or America Cubed, America's Cup logo. I got it from a retired gentleman who was an art director in New York City for years. He said he purchased it used about 10 years ago and believed it to be a sample piece used for a fashion show. It has a tag in the collar that says "Original Sample Not for Sale" with the Ralph Lauren logo and "Style #", and "Fab #". It looks like there was some writing on the tag that has worn off. Next to Fab # it looks like the number 30. It is a truly unique and amazing looking piece."

1 comment:

LissaMe said...

it is a very interesting piece.. Never seen one like it..