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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Since '86 showin' the crowd what I'm about...

The famous 1986 draft day photo featuring the top 5 picks; Walker, Person, Daugherty, Bias & Washburn. Out of the 5 hats pictured one of them has always eluded me.....until now. The Cleveland Cavaliers script aka the Daugherty draft day hat is almost that of a mythical creature that people often talk about but have never actually seen. If they had a Snapbacks Most Wanted list (hosted by John Walsh of course) the Cavs would definitely be in the top 3. Unlike Lebron, Brad Daugherty played his whole career (1986–1994) in Blue & Orange and we salute him for not "taking his talents to South Beach." The only other vintage NBA script hat (wool version) that I have yet to possess is the all green wool Supersonics script hat aka the Gary Payton 1990 lottery pick hat. If you have any information leading to the whereabouts of the Sonics script please call 323-937-0016 and remember, you can make a difference!!!

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retrohead82 said...

You'll get it. You got that gift!