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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Crack still Kills...

Sunday's were created for two things and two things only.....Football & Flea Markets. I've been going to Flea markets on Sunday morning's for as long as I can remember and its one of my favorite past times. This past Sunday it was off to the Rose Bowl with my mind of vintage and vintage on my mind. No more than 10 minutes into the day I spotted the all mighty clear case of the Nike Air Pressure's. From a distance I wasn't sure if it was just the case but as I got closer I could see the shoes inside. Much to my dismay when I opened the case both heels were cracked which is common for these because the weight of the pump system. The actual pump was also missing, however there was no cracking on the midsole which is always a plus. I asked how much, thinking they would say around $300 but I was pleasantly surprised when the she said $100. Now $100 isn't a super steal but its a decent price considering I've seen pairs in the same condition sell for upwards of $300. Of course I didn't pay $100 though, what fun would it be if you didn't haggle the price. I said $60, she said $90, I said $70, she said $80, I said $79 just so I could win and we had a deal. I'd say $79 for some Deadstock sz 11.5 Air Pressure's with carrying case is a pretty decent pickup, if not for anything more than display!!!!!


cyberswipe said...

dope post, nice pickup. you lucky dog.


Congrats, what a catch!