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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Crack Kills Volume 8...

Its been awhile since my last relapse but last week I was feenin, so I had to break out some vintage kicks! I started off the week UNDS'ing a pair of 1984 Vandals which was a little nerve racking but they held up nicely with no sign of damage. Fast forward 5 days and the story line is bit different. I woke up in the morning craving a fix, so I went to my closet to grab a pair of vintage kicks. After some debate I felt like getting my Hoya Destroya on and went with some vintage Ewing Eclipse Hi's by Next Sports.........which I thought was a good idea at the time. My brillant plan turned into a nightmare hours later when I was at work and the sole almost fell off the shoe.
I dropped to my knees and asked GOD "Why? How could this happen and what did I do to deserve this??"
He said "Son you have played with fire (fire is a synonym for wearing vintage sneakers, get it) too many times so I have to teach you a lesson!"
I said "but Lord I like wearing vintage sneakers, what good are they if you cant wear them?"
He said "I understand your pain, I love wearing vintage sneakers too!"
I said "We're on the same page Lord, why would you let these fall apart on me if I only wore them to bring joy."
He said "Son you needed a new blog post so I was there to help you!"
I said "Why couldnt have given me another idea instead of ruining my sneakers?"
He said "No, it was time for a Crack Kills post"
I said "I guess you're right, thanks again!"
He Said "Anytime, Peace!"

"Somehow the vintage sneaker game reminds me of the crack game" - [Nas]


Anonymous said...

i lul'd

i do this lord talk all the time and it drives my wife nuts. crack certainly kills.

TTK said...

HAHAAAA that sucks