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Friday, December 4, 2009

Caught Stealin'...

Someone was getting their Beagle Boys on!!!! Not quite a million dollar heist but I'd say the the buyer of these 2 AF1's got a steal! The Linens & 3M Snake Air Force 1's above ended the other day on eBay for a combined price of $203.50!! Both were sz 9, NDS and came with the original box. I'd say the going rate for each pair is about $200 give or take so the buyer pretty much saved 50% off, which in my book is a steal! I'm not a huge AF1 guy but if the Linens were my size I would've probably bid on them.....but they werent, so I didnt and life goes on. People are sleeping on the steals but just means more deals for me :-)

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