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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

As Seen On...

Mike Warzin aka 1/2 of the Hyperizers rocking a super rare Jeff Malone caricature tee from the store. Mike & Brandon rolled through after they wrapped the video above and picked up some vintage gear. That would be the end of this post except for the funny part happened later that night.........

(Insert Rob Heppler's voice after a few cocktails) So we decided to go out for dinner and celebrate the amazing Hyperizers video. I met up with my homies Brandon & Mike at their hotel and had a beer then bounced to the spot. We leave the hotel and Mike is rocking this fresh to death vintage caricature t-shirt from the best store on earth.....And Still! We roll to this super exclusive, high end, fine dining Japanese restuarant that the "who's who" of LA frequent. We get to the door and the Host says "sorry guys we're booked for the night", but there are cleary open tables in the background. We ask again "Are you sure because we're gonna spend some chedda bob in this bitch!!! Again the host replies "sorry fellas, no can do". Was it Mike's amazing caricature tee that stopped us from enjoying this great evening?? Was the Host jealous of this unbelievable piece of NBA history that graced Mike's torso? The place we were at was none other than Benihana, the story is funnier now HUH! For those that don't know Benihana isn't what you would call a 5 star dining experience, it's more like the a poormans fancy cuisine. Picture this atmosphere, The Kardashians at one table and Joe Dirt at the next table, haha. Benihana's dresscode says Business Casual and I don't know about you but a vintage Jeff Malone caricature tee tells me you're all about business!!!! So that's the story of the Jeff Malone caricature tee told by me, through my memory of what Rob told me the other night while drinking heavily.....Oprah Chopra!!!

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