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Monday, September 28, 2009

Whales Tale...

What you know about Whales Tale in NH??? Above is a Hartford Whalers New Era that CapCity recently did and I gotta say its looks dope! The Whalers logo is my favorite NHL logo of all time and the OG colorway is sick!!! Vintage Whalers gear is super rare and hard to come by (we have 2 styles of snapbacks in stock) so this will most likely sell out quick.....I might even scoop one for myself.


Frank said...

one of the best logos in the history of professional sports, hands down. i sold a Whalers hat a few years back for $78 and instantly regretted it. I always got compliments when i wore it around.

For All To Envy said...

Indeed it is! Yeah some of the old hats can go for up to $100 on eBay.