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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What Recession...

I was watching these on eBay this week and was pretty suprised they went for as much as they did...... $543.00!! I think the hype of the retros that dropped this weekend might've bumped up the price a bit because I've seen them sell for $300-$400 in the past. The shoes are Deadstock but they are B -Grades with an unmarked box and the seller also has the original receipt which I always think is cool because you get to see what he actually paid for them 20 years ago (retail was $49.99). The air bubbles are very cloudy and I'd put money on it that they would crack failry quickly but they would make a great collectors item for show and tell :-) Source


Troca Dream Team said...

Seriously, the fattest air force in history.. Got to get a pair of the retroed ones.

For All To Envy said...

Yeah I agree, I'm slacking on the retros and need to pick up a pair asap!!