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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Spider Bite...

I'm bringing Avia's back, these muthatruckers don't know how to act!! Check out these cool Avia's I found awhile back, they are named the Spider and rightfully so as you can see from the pics. These are basketball shoes but I'm not sure how it would hold up compared to todays technology but I can guarantee you one thing, you'd have the most random sneakers on the court!! The sneaker comes equipped with a spider keychain and special not on the box which states CHECK THESE SHOES FOR SPIDERS!!!!!! Honestly though these are pretty unique and overall not that bad looking minus the huge web on the tongue. Oh yeah I almost forgot, these are for athletic use only.......I wonder what would happen if you wore them for casual use??? P.S. I'm moving soon so I'll be listing a bunch of random vintage kicks so be sure to check ou my eBay store or else.......

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