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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Inspired By...

I just saw the new Supra Fall 09 apparel line and one of the jackets they did looked real familiar. I quickly relized that it was the same jacket as the Joran I wings satin jacket from 86. Ive always loved the simplicity and design of the Jordan wings jacket and the wings patch on the back is icing on the cake. I'm real suprised Supra did put their logo on the back because I think it would've made it that much better but hey what do I know. The Supra jacket is called the FLYER.....maybe a little reference to "AIR" Jordan????? Anyways the Supra jacket came out nice IMO and there are 3 colorways avilable: blk/green, navy/white and the infamous blk/red/green aka the gucci colorway. Source

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