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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Battle of the Track Suit pt 2...

For the 2nd poll in the "Battle of the Track Suit" I went with some NBA greats who were influential both on and off the court. I had a bunch of Jordan suits but I picked my favorite one out of the bunch and I also had a Knicks colorway Ewing top but not the pants. Anyways this is a tough choice for me but I think I know which one I like best, lets see what you guys (& girls) think!!!!!

The Jordan V grape suit is one of the most popular vintage Jordan suits for the simple reason, people love the colorway. Also the suit has zip off sleeves which turns the top into a vest which makes it even cooler and transformer like!!!

The Mutombo track suit was made to match the Dikembe Adidas but surprisingly it wasn't produced by Adidas. This track suit is BANANAS, from the crazy African print to the big 55 logo on the back.......this screams Mutombo finger wave!!

The Ewing suit is a little different from the other two seeing how its short sleeve and has the tearaway pants, more traditional NBA warm-up suit. The suit is made by Adidas which Ewing endorsed throughout the 80s and has the #33 embroidered on the front as well as the big Ewing logo on the back!!

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