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Friday, May 8, 2009

Crack Kills Volume 6...

Guess who's back, back again....the Crackman's back, tell your friends! Its been awhile since I did a Crack Kills post but todays feels like a good day for some Crack Crack Crack. This will be my 6th installment of the tear jerking post that features a sneaker that fell victim to the evil Cracklord. Featured today is a pair of vintage Nike Air Tail Winds from 1992 that look like they fought the law and the law won!! Seriously these bad boys have seen better days than this (insert Bruce Springsteen song). The Tailwinds are a pretty popular runner amongst vintage heads and most recently Nike retroed the classic sneaker in whole slew of colorways but my favorite will always be the "Kenya" colorway. So back to the shoes, did you see how clear the air units are on these??? Kidding, the air units look like the ran through a dust storm and the midsole is yellower than extra buttered popcorn at the movie theatre (which by the way cost like $22 now-a-days)! I might take these out for a run today and see if they wont completley fall apart on my feet leaving me to walk home barefoot.....just a thought. Do you think when Fat Joe says Crack Crack Crack he's refering to my blog post??? Well that should do it for this volume of Crack Kills and remember Kids...........Crack is Whack like the Plumber bent over fixing your sink unless its a hot chick plumber which I dont think exist besides in my dreams, hahahaha.

****NOTE*** Its OK to cry when reading these posts, I know its a sad sight to see sometimes.

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