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Monday, May 4, 2009


I dont know about you but above are two must have accessories for anyone who wears hats daily. I honestly dont know what I would do without my new era cap carrier because I always take like 6 hats with me anywhere I go even if its for a weekend getaway. I remember before I got one I would have to carry like 6 hats in a plastic bag on the plane or sometimes have to pack them in my suitcase and they would always get dented or creased. The other accessory is the cap brush which is super important if your in the vintage hat business like myself. Sometimes you will find hats that have been in a box for 20yrs and might be a little dusty so this is key for brushing them off and getting them back to new. The brush is also great for any lint or dirt you might get on your hat while out and about. The 6-pack cap carrier is $34.99 and the brush is $4.99, both available at and your local Lids store should have them as well.

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