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Monday, May 4, 2009

Thriftin Aint easy...

I was out of town for couple days but Im back!! On the drive back we stopped at a bunch of Thrift Stores along the way and picked up some goodies. Above are a couple of the pickups........The 1st stop was in CT somewhere I cant remember where but 2 seconds after we walked in I spotted a Raiders chalk line jacket and thats always a good start to a day of thrift shopping. The jacket is MINT, not a flaw on it and I think its probably NWOT (new without tags). I often wonder where stuff came from, like who's closet was that hanging in for 20 years, where did they buy it originally and why didnt they ever wear it? Anyways Im happy they donated it because now I have it :-) I also found a LA Kings Real Men Wear Black tee which also looks NWOT, probably from the same person. Last but not least I got a vintage Paco Jeans African themed button down which is pretty dope. The shirt says Paco Colours and it doesnt take a rocket scientist to see that they knocked Cross Colours on that one, hahaha

The 2nd spot was in Rhode Island somewhere and I was almost done the whole rack of t-shirts when I found a vintage Nike orange tag block letter tee!!! I was pretty psyched because these are great tees and highly collectible especially overseas. Thats not all folks, literally 2 shirts later there was another one of the exact same t-shirt........I was so pumped up that I did a little breakdance in the middle of the thrift store and some old people crowded around me and starting chanting my name, it was awesome you had to be there!!!! I wonder if these were owned by a pair of twins back in the 70s who wore them to school the same day to try and confuse the teachers??? I was praying that they were pinwheel tags but beggars cant be choosers :-)

The 3rd stop was also in RI and I just picked up a vintage Chargers t-shirt and some Red Wings in a sz 14. Didnt feel like taking anymore pics but you get the idea.

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landlord morrison said...

how much for the african shirt