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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

May the FORCE be with you...

Above is a vintage Nike display that ended on eBay yesterday. I saw the auction right when it got listed and was hoping a lot of people wouldnt see the auction and I could get a steal on it but that didnt end up being the case. The auction ended for $315.00 and I probably wouldve bought it if I didnt buy a bunch of other stuff already this week and also I dont have a pair of Air Force 180's in my collection to display so that kinda stinks. From the seller......A collector's item: a Nike store display unit to display Nike's most technological shoes, the 1991 Air Force 180 High basketball shoe. This is the famous basketball shoe with the integrated pump system. This is an original item from Nike and provided to retailers to showcase the shoes and explain the innovative pump technology. The display features a complete and functional full-size pump system to show how the pump works. The seller also had a pair of the sneakers listed in a seperate auction that sold for $1,075.00!!!!

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