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Thursday, March 12, 2009


Above are some crazy vintage Wilson sneakers that I have in stock. You dont really here the name Wilson thrown around much anymore when talking about sneakers so this is a blast from the past! The name of the shoe is the Eminence Hi and these are on some next level shit, like Robocop meets Back to the Future. Honestly I could easily see Michael J Fox rockin these in the BTTH movies and maybe we would be buying Wilson hyperdunk retro's instead of Nike, hahahahaha. I got these last summer along with a bunch of old stock sneakers and I must saw these stood out like a sore thumb, in a good way!!! Im not sure the exact date these were produced but going off the other sneakers I got that day these were late 80s early 90s for sure. I dont think any nba players endorsed these but I bet they're kicking themselves after seeing these pics!! I can definitely see the Admiral or the Mailman rocking these back in the day, cant you??? Anyways just wanted to share some pics....ENJOY!!

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