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Thursday, March 12, 2009

C is for Cookie...

Yesterday I went to Trader Joe's to pick up some groceries and low and behold they had a new cookie that just came out. When I laid eyes on the box itself I started drooling and quickly had to catch my composure before someone saw me. I quickly walked (picture those speed walkers that aren't quite running but still moving super fast, haha) over to them and grabbed a box and began to read the story on the side. It goes a little something like this: Rich and creamy with delicious maple-y flavor from real Canadian maple syrup, our Maple Creme Cookies make it easy to wax nostalgic. Think hearty breakfast, brisk morning walk, steaming mugs of hot coffee you get the idea. Two flavorful leaf-shaped cookies provide the necessary crunch and contrast tastefully with the luscious maple creme filling. Grab a couple for an after dinner treat with a cup of tea or that steaming mug of hot coffee! If that doesnt make you want to eat these, than I dont know what will!!! I cant say these are better than the Candy Cane Joe Joe's but they are so good its scary!!!

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