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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Poster of the week...

Above is a classic vintage Nike AF1 poster featuring the Original Six. The select ones who were to be the first to disseminate the message of Air Force 1 were the defence specialists Moses Malone, Michael Cooper, Jamaal Wilkes, Bobby Jones, Mychal Thompson and Calvin Natt. On the now legendary poster, they were dressed in astronauts outfits and presented the new Air Force 1 to the public which was soon to triumph all around the world. Their pose was and is a symbol for the six characteristic traits of the AF1: heroic, consistent, dominant, courageous, constant and pure. Words by Kicksonfire

Behind the spectacular dunking of an irresistible Philadelphia team, lurks a defence player with nerves of steel. The upper of his metal-look AF1 is an homage to the down-to-earth, indestructible style of Jones.

From the Bahamas via Minnesota to L.A., Thompson demonstrated the power and finesse that made him into a quite special Air Force 1 type. The close-meshed, uncoloured upper made of cotton and jute are reminiscent of his Caribbean roots.

An attacker weapon and solid defence wall. This player could fill out both roles everywhere and anytime. That’s the reason for the elaborate perforations of the fully grained leather in ying and yang style.

An elegant, slim warrior who was more a quieter man of softer tones on the court, but let the statistics speak for themselves. The violet silk is a pun on his nickname Silk and the Lakers’ team colours.

This man was as cool as ice and buried heaps of opponents beneath him. The materials of his Air Force 1—leather, re-worked polyester and bamboo fibres—reflect the coolness that made him learn a quite special profession after his professional career was over: he became an undertaker.

As big as basketball itself and unstoppable. No college career could attract him. No limelight could impress him. Perhaps because of his down-to-earth origins. The upper of his Air Force 1 is reminiscent of this. It is dark grey, the colour of a concrete court of his home town Petersburg. From here, Malone catapulted himself directly after leaving high school into the professional league to become the first Air Force 1 face. With his help, Nike revolutionised the status quo of the shoe’s performance and established a new generation of innovative design.

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