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Monday, February 16, 2009


NBA All Star weekend is officially over and now we can get back to our girlfriends that we've abandoned all weekend in order to watch basketball :-) A lot of people are saying the slam dunk competition is washed up and all the dunks have been done before blah blah blah but I didnt think it was a good contest overall. For those that dont know 5'9" Nate Robinson aka Krypto-Nate of the New York Knicks took out the defending champion Dwight Howard aka Superman of the Orlando Magic. Both players came out with impressive dunks and Howard actually received a 50 for his first dunk. However I think the the nail in the coffin was when Robinson (remember he's 5'9") dunked over his rival Howard (who is 6'11' by the way) leaving Superman helpless and crowning a new NBA slam dunk champion. With all that being said I forgot one tiny detail......the sneakers that Nasty Nate was wearing have people in a frenzy!!! Robinson debuted his special “Kryptonate” Nike Foamposite Lites as he dethroned his Nemesis Superman in style. There is no word on a release for these but I think will all the people drooling over them that we could possibly see a HOH exclusive limited release but dont quote me on it. P.S. Does anyone else think Reggie Miller is annoying???? Source Sneakernews

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