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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Nike Movie Pack...

Thursday Foot Locker’s House of Hoops released 3 new movie inspired Nikes. The 1st up is the Teen Wolf inspired dunk low which seriously had me laughing out loud when I saw them. I know nike dropped a 3 bears pack awhile ago that featured faux fur on them but these are just plain hilarious!! There is one good thing about them though, if you are dressing up as teen wolf (shout out to Landlord) for Halloween these are essential for the outfit! The 2nd pair out of the bunch is one of my personal favorite Nike's, the Air Flight Lite. As you probably know Nike retroed the Flight Lites this years and they dropped some nice & simple colorways that I really liked. These on the other hand look Forced, meaning they just throw some bright colors (without any thought behind it) on the sneaker that Sydney Deane (Wesley Snipes) wore in the movie. I personally wouldve like to see the exact colorway he wore but thats just my opinion. The 3rd sneaker out of the bunch is a blazer inspired by the movie Hoosiers. I dont mind this one as much as the other 2 but Im not a big fan of all red sneakers and black soles so I would never buy them but they go good with the movie, which is a CLASSIC!! So that was my take on the new exclusive movie inspired pack that is available now at HOH. Source Footlockeunlocked

1 comment:

Frank said...

Funny cause Alex P. Keaton rocked Adidas in TeenWolf.