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Saturday, January 17, 2009

ATCQ x Jordan...

Nike cant be serious with the outcome of these ATCQ inspired Jordan I's, they look horrible!!! The t-shirts arent that bad but thats about as far as I'll go. Midnight Marauders which is ATCQ's 3rd album dropped in 1993 and was their most succesfull cd to date. Since that release of that cd the green/red pattern shown on the cover has inspired many people and companies to come up with their own renditions of the theme. I guess Nike figured they could hop on board and try to give the Jordan I strap a little midnight marauder magic but I think they fell short, like real short!!! If you do like them they will be dropping sometime in Febuary, retail is $110, they will be limited to 24 pairs per store and only available at select urban accounts. Source Sneakernews

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