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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

They call me a Camel but I mastered the drought...

If your Dad or Mom smokes Camel cigarettes and has one of these hanging in their closet, go steal it right now, list it on eBay and get money! Finding one of these now-a-days is like going to the strip club and getting handed a hundred and fifty $1 bills just because! If you're not familiar with the Rayon craze, our good friends in Malaysia pay big money for specific tri-blend tee's, this being one of the best along with Nike. The last two on eBay sold for $120 and $180, find 6 of them and you could be a thousandaire, do the math! eBay is like the stock market, master it and you can make money for years to come!!!


Husinister said...

Hmmm... Dropin jewels

For All To Envy said...

Once in awhile, you know. You copped the St Jaques crewneck!!!! Good stuff as always, till next time!

Barron said...

Hey, my grandma has some of these tri material shirts at her house. I was over there yesterday and found a shitload of vintage clothes Im gonna wear. Question: some of the tri material shirts aren't Big name brands, will they still sell? Thanks