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Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Spurs are Boring...

Dont front, everyone knows watching the Spurs play is like watching paint dry!!! I could only think of two logical reasons why they are so boring: They're still upset about Ozzy urinating on the Alamo back in 1982, that kinda stuff stays with you for life, like seeing your parents have sex when you were younger....traumatizing!!! OR commissioner Stern wanted a team that showed no emotion whatsoever so he had Robots created in the form of tall, mostly foreign NBA players. He could've at least had them programmed like that creepy "humanoid" robot named Kobian, which can express seven human emotions!!!!! I can tell you this though, their old "Fiesta" logo is dope and we have more deadstock Starter gear in stock than Starter had when they were manufacturing it back in the 90s!!!

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