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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Santa is Real...

You wanna talk about RARE.......these vintage "blockhead" snapbacks were made for SANTA himself!!! Rumor has it, back in 93 all the kids were asking for snapbacks on their Christmas list and Santa got jealous. He looked in the mirror and realized his "Santa hat" was outdated so he contacted American Needle to make him some snapbacks (6 to be exact) for the big day aka Christmas. Santa was supposed to pick them up on Christmas Eve but never made it to the American Needle headquarters......some say he was in Vegas with Tiger Woods?!?!?!? Nobody has seen one in almost 17 years, until now!!!! We we're recently on a dig and there was a box tucked away in the corner that had a weird sort of glow to it. As we approached I got that Christmas morning feeling throughout my body like I was about to open the gift that I wanted oh so badly. When I opened the box I almost fainted and I was so in shock my heart went down please listen to the message that I say, don't ever talk to a girl who says she just has a friend!!! I had heard the rumors but to actually see the hats in person was like seeing Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster or Rob're not sure if you should take pics or run like the cops are chasing you!! When we got back from the dig I brought the hat to the Antique Roadshow for an appraisal. When I showed the appraiser the hats he could barley utter the words.......Oh My God. He said in an auction setting these hats could fetch upwards of 1 million dollars and that was being conservative. I didn't know what to say, I felt like I just hit the Massachusetts State Lottery.......all I kept saying was "I'm Rich Bitch!!!!!"

We have 5 of them so we're only missing 1 and Rev Run is rumored to have the 6th hat in his possession.......
It was December 24th on Hollis Ave in the dark
When I seen a man chilling with his dog in the park
I approached very slowly with my heart full of fear
Looked at his dog, oh my God, an ill reindeer
But then I was illin because the man had a beard
And a bag full of goodies, 12 o'clock had neared
So I turned my head a second and the man had gone
But he mustve dropped his SNAPBACK smack dead on the lawn
I picked the hat up then I took a pause
Peeped the back and it cold said "Santa Claus"
I could sell it for a million dollars, cold hundreds of G's
Enough to buy a boat and matching car with ease
But I'd never steal from Santa, cause that ain't right
So I'm going home to mail it back to him that night
But when I got home I bugged, cause under the tree
Was a letter from Santa and the SNAPBACK was for me!!!!!!!!

I just listed one on eBay for anyone who's interested but let me forewarn you, get your checkbooks ready because this hat is more than just a snapback, its SANTA'S SNAPBACK


madhatter818 said...

You need to lay off the beer homie!!... HAHAHA...FOR REAL!

For All To Envy said...

I just woke up, my heads hurts and I just read what I wrote.....classic!!!!