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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The White Rapper Show...

I channeled my inner Bud Bundy today and decided to rock the Raiders script hat. People think NWA started the trend but you're all wrong, it was none other than the OG David Faustino!!!! Eazy E was in Compton one day chillin on the block and Bud Bundy was crusin in his 64 through the hood. Normally they would inflict pain on a white boy steppin on their turf but not this white boy, he was too fly. As he got closer they noticed he was wearing all black with a Raiders script hat and a lightbulb went off in Eazy's head. Next thing you know Eazy E & homies rolled to the local sporting goods store and bought out all the black Raiders hats. From that day on they would rock them religiously which led people to believe they started the Raiders/Kings hat trend and the rest is history.....

Be serious, how many people reading this have seen this video or even knew Bud Bundy rapped for that matter??? You gotta watch the video from start to finish!!!!

1 comment:

UA said...

Get the f**k outta here!?! OG David Faustino, I would've never guessed that one!