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Friday, May 7, 2010

I'm not a Baller I just Flop a lot...

Lodi Dodi, his name is Vlade!!! Everyone reading this blog knows I "dislike" the Lakers but I love vintage caricature tees and this shirt right here is so amazing I can barley contain myself!!! I havent been this excited for a caricature tee since we got Chris Sabo a couple weeks back (which actually sold today, goggles are for gangsters). Its that time of year again and we have the best vintage Lakers gear in the world, dont believe me go ask your mother....and tell her I said Hi!!

Titles that didnt make the cut:
Floppin' Ain't Easy.
Flop till you Drop!
The Art of the Flop.
Flop Sweat (I just learned that one from google)
FLOPpy Disk.
Flop it like its Hot!
FLOP, Turn, River.

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