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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Words of Wisdom..

What used to be fly, will be fly again......AMEN!

Rev Run rockin a vintage BMW crewneck. We have the red version in stock if you wanna "Walk This Way" to the store but be careful because "It's Tricky" to find and make sure you bring "Mary Mary" with you because she knows "It's Like That"! I would wait till after "Christmas In Hollis" at "Run's House" because you'll have more money to spend!! In these "Hard Times" we priced the sweatshirt affordable for everyone, even the "King of Rock"!! When you wear it to the club the peeps will say "You Be Illin'" but if you see "Peter Piper" rocking the same crewneck just say hey "Can You Rock It Like This"?

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