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Monday, January 4, 2010

Fly Boys...

The sweatshirt above is rarer than a $3 bill!! Vintage Adidas "SAMPLE" Run Dmc sweatshirt, so rare Rev Run probably doesn't even know it exists! There's a difference between a rare sample that's uglier than sin and never went to production and a super dope sample that somehow got swept under the rug. This amazing crewneck is the latter of the two and did I mention that its reversible!!!!! Rumor is there were only a couple in existence and we had both (sold 1 already) so if you're the kinda person who likes stuff that NOBODY else will have than this might be the sweatshirt for you! One side is Grey & White with a bunch of sick logos on the front, back and sleeves. The reversible side is super simple with just the Fly Boys logo on the chest. If it was a sz Lrg it would be in my closet so consider yourself lucky :-)

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