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Monday, January 11, 2010

Bacon or Beer Can...

You might have seen this already somewhere in cyberspace but if you haven't, GO PEEP IT!!!! Bacon or Beer Can is the brainchild of none other than Mr Heppler or Rob as people like to call him. Rob created this site from scratch in like 10 minutes, pretty impressive huh?? Not really but its still funny and probably gets more hits than a Now That's What I Call Music cd. I've probably clicked the buttons a hundred times hoping I would be able to answer the age old question; Bacon or Beer Can? Rob's little creation is top Digg in all categories and even got some tweet love from Demi Moore aka @mrskutcher!!!! With that being said the following is a true story! Last night Rob tells me that Demi Moore tweeted the website and he got like a gazillion hits afterwards, crazy huh! Well this morning I went to the bowl to hunt for some vintage treasures. I pulled into the parking spot and lo and behold Demi Moore parks next to me. I didn't say anything and just made my way to the ticket booth. While I was standing in line I look over to the next row and she was standing right there....was she stalking me?? Wow I thought, this could be the greatest day of my life!!! Then my girl smacked me and I realized Demi was just going to the bowl like everyone else in line. However, about an hour later I ran into her again and this time I had to tell her how I felt.....

Me "Hey Demi"
Demi "Hi"
Me "My homie Rob made that Bacon or Beer Can website that you tweeted the other day"
Demi "Oh really"
Me "Yup"
Demi "My friend emailed me the link"
Me "Cool"
*Insert Awkward Moment*
Me "Well he would say thanks for tweeting that if he was here"
Demi "No Problem"
Me "See Ya"
Demi "Bye"

Thanks for the ice breaker Rob, I owe you one!!! I'm gonna go watch Striptease now.....boooyeah!!!

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