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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Look for the Star...

Peep this vintage Starter ad out of an old Sports Illustrated! They don't make ad's like they used to so Im gonna make it a point to recreate these amazing masterpieces if you will. If you get an email from me next year with a specific date and time to be in LA for a photoshoot you'll know what its for! There is so much stuff going on in the picture I don't know where to start. The little Celtics kid is cool but the old guy behind him is a little creepy. The Flyers and Mets dudes are too funny for their own good. The Lakers guy looks like a ......... no comment (GO CELTICS)! At the top of the ad is LT, Ron Franics, James Worthy & Darryl Starwberry rocking their team Starter jackets which is dope! *CLICK PICS TO ENLARGE*

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