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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Junior & The Kid & The Natural...

One of the reasons I love what I do is "the hunt" for vintage product. There's nothing like finding deadstock vintage gear that you never knew existed and this is a prime example. If you wouldve asked me last week about a Ken Griffey Jr Star Line jacket I would've said "I've never seen one before and I dont even know if there is such a thing". Fast forward a week and we found an AMAZING dig that had some of the sickest vintage sports apparel that I've ever seen in my life! The creme de la creme of the batch is the Ken Griffey Jr jacket above. The jacket is dated 1991 when "The Kid" was in his prime and was considered the best player in baseball. Griffey Jr is back on the Mariners and expected to return for the 2010 season so break out the Air Griffey Max 1's and get ready to see Junior hit another one out of Safeco Field!!

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