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Monday, November 9, 2009

Got Popcorn...

See how I just transition into the next blog post with ease, HAHA! I haven't watched a movie since I moved out to LA so the other night we decided to get our Ebert & Roeper on. We were gonna go see The Boondock Saints II but the only problem is we never saw the first one. I know, I know, everyone and their motha has seen The Boondock Saints but not us, we like to watch movies a decade after they release :-) We went to Blockbuster to rent it and even the guy working laughed at us when we said this was our 1st time seeing it. The movie was great and reminded me of a mic between the Departed and Dexter mainly because it was shot in Boston and because the brothers kill people that deserve it so to speak. Seriously there wasnt a dull moment throughout the whole film and now I'm psyched to go see part II in the theatres! If you havent seen it before trust me its well worth renting!

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