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Saturday, August 29, 2009


Yesterday was a sad day for a lot of people after hearing the news that DJ AM (Adam Goldstein) had passed away. I wanna give my condolences to his family and friends!

The first time I had actually heard of AM was about 5 years ago when he used to post on Niketalk as part of the Air Mack Crew along with Ben Baller and DJ Homocide. I was always in awe of their sneaker collection, they had the some of the rarest sneakers in the world. Fast forward 2 years and AM purchased a vintage sweatshirt from me on eBay, a purple Nike sweat with a huge neon green swoosh on the front. He started buying from me regularly there after and then we started talking via email. In one email I mentioned I had some dope vintage rap tees and I would send some pics. After I sent that email with the pics it was game over, he grabbed all the rarest tees I had, but I knew they were going to good hands and would be worn proudly (as you can see HERE ). I think his favorite tee was the Eric B & Rakim Paid in Full shirt from 1988. He was wearing it one night when he ran into Nas and I got an email shortly after "Nas was SWEATING the last tee you sold me.....GOOD LOOKIN"!

Throughout the years we would link up whenever he was in Boston or I was out in LA and he was always more than generous to me and my girl. If we were in LA he would ask us if we wanted to go the the club he was spinning, If he was in Boston he would always tell us to shoot down to grub and last year he invited us to Vegas for New Years where he was spinning at the Luxor. Shortly after the plane crash AM went on tour with Jay Z. He hit us up when the tour stopped in Boston and we went to to grab lunch before the show. We talked about Sneakers, Vintage, Celtics vs Lakers and life in general. We told him that we were still trying to move to LA and he said "You guys better, its the best city in the world and life's too short..................."

The thing I'll remember most is our love for our respective NBA teams (Celtics & Lakers). Since the first day I met him up untill this past Lakers championship almost every game we would text each other and talk shit about the other teams....all in good fun!! He always said when I move to LA he would turn me into a Lakers fan, but we all know that was never happening, hahaha. When the Celtics and Lakers face off this year I will be watching, rooting for my team as he would his and waiting for a text from him saying how much the Celtics blow and the Lakers are going back to back, hahahaha

I'll end it with a quote from one of his good friends DJKevinScott "I guess God really wanted a DJ and he got a damn good one!"

Rest in Peace Homie!

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