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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Caught Stealing...

Winona Ryder aint got nothing on this steal!! If these were a 10.5 or 11 I would be mad, matter fact I'm still mad that I didn't bid on them! Above is a pir of OG black/blue Jordan I's that recently sold on eBay for $203.50 . Its crazy to me that you can get a pair of NDS OG I's for $200 while people (even myself a couple times) are paying well over that for some of the junk Jordan Brand is putting out now-a-days! The great part about these is the seller didn't even know he had them but his kids found them when they were rummaging through his old records, hahahaha. The seller was even from N. Hollywood, I could've drove down the street and picked them up and saved the $20 shipping!


MRMAR23 said...

I saw them up on ebay, didnt even see them end!..Damn thats cheap!

For All To Envy said...

Yeah thats a GOOD price, if they were my size I wouldve scooped them for sure!!

landlord morrison said...

it seems like EVERYONE is sleeping on the bay these days lolol