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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sir Thrift-A-Lot...

I think I'm going to legally change my name to Sir Thrift-A-Lot, what do you think??? Anyways went to a local spot today and found a couple cool items (nothing too crazy) that I thought I'd share. First is a vintage Bruins starter jersey which is in Mint condition and pretty sweet if I do say so myself. Second is a vintage Falcons t-shirt which is new without tags and I think someone from PETA might've dropped it off after the Vick dog fouling. Third is a DOPE vintage Adidas trefoil tee with the white/blue adidas tag still attached and the best part is the glitter logo which is 10 times better than the plain old screen printed ones!!! Last but not least is a paper thin (I'm talkin thinner than Mary-Kate Olsen.....on a diet!) vintage Mickey Disney World tee which is simply amazing!!! Thats all of it from today, until next time........thrift or die!

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