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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Crack Kills Volume 7...

Its that time again, time to show you the effects of Crack!! The epidemic is sweeping the vintage sneaker community and this needs to stop, thankfully Nike is retroing some of these classics so we can wear them without fear of the evil Cracklord. I posted the ST retro pics last week and I knew I had a pair of the OG's somewhere and while I was cleaning today I found them buried in a box of beat up vintage kicks. These have seen better days but isnt that the case with every Crack Kills post! I'm too upset to go into the details so I will just let the pics do the talking.


vintage_heat said...

well this pair is beaten
i discovered today that 3 pairs of mine were cracking badly in their boxes... two pairs of mach forces and a pair of cross trainers IV
crack happens :)

For All To Envy said...

Yeah I'm packing to move and just found some DS pairs in box that started to crack also.....such a sad sight to see but part of the vintage game ;-)