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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Caught Stealing...

eBay is full of great deals especially on sneakers but you have to be very careful of fakes, especially with Jordan's. Above is a great deal that someone just got on the Jordan I OLNL pack. The auction ended for $47 and this pack usually sells for $250-$300 in Deadstock condition! Although the ones above were used, they are in great condition and with a little elbow grease they would probably look good as new. In my opinion buying NDS or VNDS (near deadstock or very near deadstock) sneakers is the best especially if you're gonna keep them for yourself to wear......why not save a hundred or so dollars for a pair of sneakers that have been worn a couple times???? Unfortunately they were my size (I'm a true 10.5 but can rock sz 11) and I didn't see the auction but there's always next time so remember while you're sleeping I'm hunting for the next great deal :-)

P.S. *Helpful HINT* A short and undescriptive auction title can = a good steal.

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