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Sunday, May 10, 2009

What Recession...

Ive been waiting for this Polo Alpine Rugby to pop up on ebay in my size for awhile now. Well too make a long story short I didnt win the auction so its back to the waiting game unless I find one at the thrift store which I always hope to do. I was watching the auction since it got listed hoping I would get it for a decent price but boy was I wrong. It was a 7 day auction and was at like $100 for nearly the whole time until the last minute. Seriously with 20 seconds left it was at $256 and I thought I was in like Flynn and then BAM (insert Emeril voice) it jumped almost $1,000 and here I am blogging about it. The final bid was $1,225 and the thing about it is the winning bidder has 0 feeback which is always suspicious. However the 2nd bidder bid $1,200 and they had 153 feedback and 100% positive rating so Im assuming they wouldve paid if they won but who knows.

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