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Friday, May 8, 2009


Speaking of SI Kids if youre familiar with the magazine than you probably know about the cards inside. Well about 8 years ago when I was fairly new to eBay there was an auction that was getting national attention. The auction was for a PSA 10 Tiger Woods SI Kids rookie card that sold for $125,000!!!!!!! Just so you have an idea of the value, that was the 10th highest price ever paid for a sports card and even beat out some Mantle, Ruth and Aaron rookie cards!!!!! The card was located in a 1996 Sports Illustrated Kids issue which nobody cared for up until Tiger became a golf phenom winning 4 straight majors (3 in 2000 and 1 in 2001). During that time people started to think that this card would be the next Honus Wagner and be worth millions of dollars down the road, boy were they wrong!!! Sources say at least 60,000 of those magazine were printed but how many of the cards got ripped out and put into the spokes of a bicycles is unknown. The card still holds somewhat of a value ($5,000-$10,000 for a Gem Mint 10) but nothing close to the $125,000 that some poor sap spent.

During all that hoopla I actually fell into the hype and went on a hunt for the magazine. I checked libraries, flea markets, yard sales and even put an add in the paper. I eventually found the magazine locally with the card still intact but here came the tough question. See some people were selling the magazine with the card intact because they didnt want to risk ripping the card when trying to remove it, so I had a decision to make and I went for the gusto. I think I did a pretty good job removing it but I dont think it would get a PSA 10 and to be honest I never sent it in to get graded and its still sitting in a box of cards in the basement. I should prbably send it to get grade soon because you never know what grade youll get and it could be worth a couple thousand :-)

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