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Sunday, April 12, 2009

What Recession....

The other day I posted some NDS Air Pressures that sold for $840. In the post I mentoned that the Air Pressures and Command Forces are probably the most sought after Nikes out there and also the sneakers people want to see retroed the most. Well less than a week after the Air Pressures were sold a pair of deadstock Command Forces (thanks to Bob Getty for the link) were sold on ebay for a WHOPPING $1,125.00 !!!! I know they are deadstock but cot damn (Clipse reference) thats a lotta loot and by far the mst Ive ever seen a pair sell for. The worst thing about them is they are my size and my favorite colorway but no way was I gonna pay almost $1,200 for them because I know I wouldve rocked them and they wouldve cracked on me within 1 minute and then I wouldve been real sad and had to make a new Crack Kills post. The pictures though are beautiful and they look like they just came out of the factory with clear air bubbles, hang tag and box all in MINT condition.


Bob Getty said...

When I was watching, they went from 480ish to 960ish and I thought hell no, they will be relisted because of unserious bidding.
But they are worth it, how many of these are there NWT with clear bubbles? Must have been a showdown between 2 people wo really wanted them.
BTW I laughed so hard when I read the Clipse reference, LOL.

vintage_heat said...

thats way over the market price, which should be around 450 usd max

it is in good condition, but i know many pairs that are in similr condition..
and like bob getty said, they will be relisted very shortly

thanks for the info :)

For All To Envy said...

Definitely way over market value but sometimes people wait years and years to find a vintage grail in their size, deadstock with box and will pay anything to have them. Ive personally paid well over market price for a pair of my grails that took me years to find. Also the winning bidder has 105 feedback with 100% positive which is a good sign but who knows if they'll actually pay for them. A sz 8.5 deadstock pair in the teal colorway just sold for $500 buy it now which is more reasonable in price. As always thanks for the support guys!