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Monday, April 6, 2009

VCR Basketball...

Ive never played this game but judging by the cover this looks like the coolest game ever invented!! Check out those dudes on the front, they are in full acting mode. Imagine that was your Dad on the cover, that would be a pretty cool story to tell and I would probably get him the game every year for Christmas as a joke.

The VCR Basketball Game, made in 1987 by Interactive Games, Inc.
Contents: 1 gameboard, 1 VHS tape, 1 plastic tray, 1 cardboard basketball token, 1 miniature foam basketball, 1 miniature basketball hoop with net/suction cups, 126 cards 2 game pawns, 1 standard die, and the rules. Play along with the Basketball legends using the video tape full of great action from the NBA! How To Play: You shuffle the cards, roll the die and your favorite teams run the plays for you. No two games are ever the same, so you get hundreds of hours of fast-paced game playing. All this combines to make the VCR Basketball Game, the only interactive VCR Basketball board game available. It's perfect for basketball fans, novices or anyone who likes fast action and FUN!


Frank said...

it seems like it would be more fun to try to throw a VCR through a basketball hoop!

For All To Envy said...

Frank, I think you're on to something!!! I can see it know, a commercial with Lebron dunking a be continued.