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Monday, March 2, 2009

Sports Specialties...

The vintage Sports Specialties script hats are by far the best and most influential vintage hats. That specific script style was worn at NBA draft day for years and also by many old hip hop groups including NWA. Above is an original tag from one of the hats and even the tag was cool! The front features the NBA logo and the back has Magic Johnson and Valde Divac in the locker room. Valde is wearing a Lakers wool sports specialties hat, nutmeg rugby shirt, starter jacket and some champion sweats while Magic has on the vintage Lakers Converse weapons. The inside of the pamphlet has a funny picture of Ewing trying to block what appears to be Marty Conlon.....who looks ironically like Ben Stiller. Also pictured are the GOlden State Warriors ball boys before a game wearing the sports specialties script hats and the sweetest starter jacket ever which features a HUGE starter logo on the back. Im not sure if there were made specifically for ball boys but I have never seen one with that big back starter logo and would love to find a celtics one!

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