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Friday, March 27, 2009

Sick Pic...

Not only is this a great picture of Jordan dunking but it also features some of the best vintage b-ball sneakers ever!! The pic (click to enlarge) is from the 1995-96 all star game and if you're a fan/collector of vintage basketball sneakers this is as good as it gets!! Pictured above in no particular order are: Grant Hill Fila's, Barkley Nike CB34's, Reebok Shaqnosis, Reebok Kamikaze, Jordan XI Columbia and Jason Kidd Nike Zoom Flight 95 which you cant see in that pic but thats what he was wearing. Also Cylde the Glide is in the background but I cant tell what he wearing, possibly some Avia's. What I would give to have everyone of those game worn sneakers!!! Out of the 6 sneakers pictured (not counting Drexler's) 4 of them have been retroed......CB34's, Fila 96, Jordan XI's and the Zoom Flights. Honestly Reebok needs to hop on the retro train and retro the Shaqnosis and Kamikaze ASAP!!!!

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