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Friday, March 27, 2009

Opposite of Bench Warmer...

One of the things I love about vintage is the old tags; whether it be a old tag on a shirt, a tag on a vintage pair of Nikes or even the old starter tags that were on the jackets like the one above. These old starter tags were the best because they had a bunch of pics with people rocking different starter gear and also cool mail order stuff on the back. On the inside left of the tag there are some Lakers announcers wearing the old nutmeg rugby shirts, the floor sweeper for the Bulls rocking a warmup suit and sports specialties hat and the Bucks ball boy with the starter jacket and script hat. On the inside right part of the tag there is Isiah Thomas wearing an old mesh practice jeresy, some sweet oldschool Knicks converse hi tops and a battle on the boards between the Celtics & Hawks (check out Larry Bird's facial expression). On the back of the tag there is a FREE team pin giveaway with proof of purchase of an NBA authentic item. Also in the bottom left hand corner it says the offer expires June 30th, 1990 so most likely this was on a starter jacket from the late 80s aka the golden era!!!

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