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Monday, March 23, 2009

The Main Malt...

Speaking about 40oz's, I absolutley love vintage malt liquor tees! I have a bunch of them in stock and they are honestly up there with caricature tees in terms of coolness!!! I love the old logo's and the bright colors, they literally scream drink me or else!!! The one above is a vintage 70s Olde English tee that features the old tiger logo which is my personal favorite out of them all.

Olde English 800
Alcohol Content: 5.86%
AKA: 8-Ball, Old E, OE, Ow-Ee.
Rep: The choice of OGs.
With a great head, voluptuous J-Lo body, smooth finish, OE is the complete package. Even though Miller recently bought the brand from Pabst, they seem to have wisely chosen not to mess with the original recipe.
Aesthetics: Classic old school label that announces you just bought 40 ounces, not once, not twice, but three times.
Trivia: OE has been praised by more rappers (without being compensated, see St. Ides) than every other malt liquor combined. Devotees past and present include Ice Cube, Eazy E, NWA, NAS, Beastie Boys, Alkaholics, TuPac and Dr. Dre.
Flava: 9
Street Cred: 9
Power 5

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